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Edjucate is an online learning website where the students of all classes can study through video tutorials. Edjucate has the following features:

  • Video Streaming of various subjects under different classes
  • Subscription to different monthly and annual plans
  • Online studying
  • Notes that help the student to mark important points in the video
  • Profile Management

  • The design of the website has been made highly usable thinking of the target audience which is the students only. Not just the grown-ups but the primary class students as well. The first thing that we took note of was that the website should not be complex at all. At the same time, it should not be dull and boring as well. Mr.Ashok, who is the client emphasized on the importance of a clear design. The Appsimity designers then took charge of it and created the best suited design in the first go.

    There were common challenges that we faced in this project. The ongoing changes in functionalities and additions of new pages made the developers tweak the entire website every time. Then with the PayPal integration, we had to wait for the approval from PayPal’s side. Also, there was a constraint of payment. A student can only see 3 free videos under each subject. The moment he/she clicks on the fourth video, he/she is asked to subscribe using his credit/debit card.

    Edjucate has been a good learning experience. It is one of the important projects that Appsimity has worked on. Education builds the foundation of one’s life so we wanted to give our best shot at this project. Luckily we did and the client was so impressed that he has become our permanent client for his future business requirements.