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Internet Of Things

Various studies reveal that this is the next big thing in the world of technology. Internet of Things is a vast concept but if required to define, it is actually the interconnectivity of various different things together. Though, it does not necessarily need to be a mobile phone or a computer. It can be your watch, your car, and your kitchen appliances for that matter.


Systems Applications and Products (SAP) for data processing is used as an Enterprise Resource Planning tool. With SAP, we develop enterprise solutions that can help you manage all your business finance and statistics. Sit back and manage your business on your desktop. SAP being the fourth largest software company in the world, is specialized by a few solution providers. The seasoned SAP developers at Appsimity Solutions let you perform all your enterprise planning without much effort. From logistics to distribution, we provide all the support for the business expansion in the enterprise solutions.


The technology trends have been changing and it is not just confined to the computer programming. Mobile Computing has made the scope of connectivity even wider than earlier. Working in any domain, you just cannot afford to be absent anywhere in the technology world. As per the studies, mobile and web applications would replace all the websites in the near future. While the truth would be determined in the future we cannot ignore the fact that MOBILE is the big thing in technology. It has become smarter with each passing day and with Appsimity Solutions’ adroit mobile team you can surely become smarter just like that. Mobility can be branched further to particular sections of the mobile development.

SmartCity Solutions

With the technology spreading its wings all around, it is the era of smart world where we can imagine the possibility of anything and everything. The world is becoming automated and smart. A ‘Smart City’ typically means the amalgamation of Internet of Things (IoT) and several IT systems to make things smarter.

Taking the Narendra Modi’s initiative forward, we at Appsimity by leveraging on IoT (Internet of Things) and latest technological developments have already paved a way to bring smart transformation in the way we live.

HealthCare and Life Sciences

Healthcare and Life Sciences industry faces a variety of market challenges that hamper growth and slow innovation. Increased regulations, government mandates and ever increasing costs of drug discovery severely impact the operating margins of the organizations. Through our experience and capability on Web and Mobile platforms, Appsimity team can help you manage and execute your enterprise strategy. We will help you to

  • Deliver critical information to your sales team in real-time
  • Provide customized experience to the end consumers
  • Integrate your internal operations like R&D, drug discovery, clinical trials,​
  • Hospitals/Nursing homes administration

  • Retail and Consumers

    Retail industry is one of the most rapidly growing segments which have seen tremendous transformation in recent years. But still today, businesses are struggling with basic needs such as real-time access to inventory, promotion of brands, customer profiling, customized offers and consumer and business data analytics. Our team will work you to develop solutions which help you to:

  • Raise and approve purchase orders
  • Tracking and management of inventory effectively
  • Implement Self-service kiosks
  • Manage entire store operations
  • Provide customized offers
  • Reduce wastage and minimize checkout times
  • We help you to increase productivity, lower costs, optimize your supply chain and provide a unique customer experience.


    Rapid and vast development of m-Commerce has a profound influence on the Transportation and Logistics industry. Companies and their customers are quickly adopting innovative and transforming mobile solutions. Partnering with us will help you to:

  • Automate existing paper based systems
  • Manage the pickup and delivery of goods
  • Manage your fleet
  • Track the location of vehicles and cargo
  • Change delivery schedules and routes while in-flight
  • Our focus is to provide improved operations resulting in improved customer relations.

    Real Estate

    The age of Smart phones and other mobile devices has descended upon the Real Estate industry too. Today, the customer wants to browse and buy property sitting in the comfort of his house. Partnering with us will help you to:

  • Provide virtual experience to customers
  • Connecting with non-local and foreign buyers
  • Provide innovative technology like augmented reality

  • Our team will help you to increase your sales effectiveness and increase your market presence.


    Our well-proficient developers can expertly put together mobile commerce solutions while taking in consideration that every company is unique with it’s own particular needs. Our solutions are cost-effective, reliable and secure that perfectly compliment company’s operations.


    Does your business employ road warriors that still need valuable insights to drive the success of your business? If the answer is Yes, you quickly realize that the reports, analysis and metrics that are most important on the road are not the same as what you need when you are in an office on a laptop. Having the same charts and insights that could be so valuable on a bigger screen are unusable on a mobile phone or a tablet, yet so many companies short change their employees by extending the same analysis to be used across any device. We at Appsimity recommend the right tool for the right job. Use our m-Reporting services to create dashboards

    that not only look good and readable on those small screens but also are more functional based on “in-the-moment” or contextual need of the user. Rather than creating any vanilla off the shelf reports, we will do a full business analysis of what the user actually needs on their finger-tips and utilize your valuable resources to provide maximum return on investment.

    Strategy Engagement

    If you have looked at breaking into a new software product domain you realize that while ideas are a dime and a dozen, the execution of the idea from inception to market is not any easy journey. Let us help you make your path easier. We have Pragmatic MarketingTM certified personnel who use this leading product management and marketing strategy to help you determine the market and the segments. We can assist on the strategy side of the spectrum by creating qualitative and quantitative market analysis, competitive analysis, business and

    strategic alignment plans and doing a technology assessment. We then take the baked idea through its paces by creating roadmaps, build/buy/partner decision analysis and envisioning use case scenarios. We even help you then bring the product to life and make it reach its full business potential using tools like buyer and user personas, collateral analysis and marketing plans through the full customer lifecycle of awareness, consideration, evaluation, conversion and loyalty.

    If you are startup that has the next million dollar idea or an established business looking to build a new software product for the enterprise, let our experts achieve your goals with our strategic Engagement services.

    App Marketing

    Building a great App isn’t enough! With millions of Apps that are vying user's attention, standing out in the boundless sea of available apps is becoming increasingly difficult.
    Marketing begins the day you put your mobile app idea into production. While a media push can drive excitement around your app and spur downloads, the effects are far from lasting. Given the uncertain nature of relying on an outside force to push your app to success, you need to do everything within your own control to help your app’s chances.
    We assist you to strategically market the app and integrate with the existing analytical tools or create custom tool, which can help analyze and improvise the app. We have skilled developers who are proficient in following tools and help you develop a cross platform solution for your need: