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The idea behind creating a Clinicalpedia application belongs to Reliance who took an initiative to spread awareness of medicine and other aspects related to medical information among people of all age-groups. The mobile application is a native one and developed for android platform. One can take full advantage of the device features such as – camera, the compass, the list of contacts, accelerometer, GPS and so on.
The important features of Clinicalpedia application consists of:

  • Find Trials
  • Saved Trials
  • Notes
  • Help
  • Contact Us
  • Terms of Use
  • The user can browse through the app and can make a search for any sort of medicine, conditions, and locations with advanced search features embed in it. Here are a few obstacles we faced during the Clinicalpedia hybrid mobile app development and overcame all with the right strategies framed for making this project a huge success:

  • Software fragmentation: It became a little difficult for our team to where to draw focus on the recent Android version or the old ones. However, apart from all the challenges, we managed to implement essential functionalities to make it look great.

  • More Functionality: More the functionalities in native app, more the requirement of code. Thus, it took a longer time for our team to develop the application but the outcome was indeed perfect.

  • Each and every member of the android app development team gave their soul and smart planning actually paid off. Everything worked out in favour of Appsimity team and even the client is contented with the application and work we did. In future also, we are expecting more and more projects from Reliance. So far, it’s a great start and certainly we will continue to accomplish client’s objectives in the coming years as well.