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Meet Jay

Jay Rohatgi is a successful business leader and an agent for positive change in his professional life. He has over 18 years of experience in using technology to solve complex business problems. He currently works as a global industry principal at Pegasystems Inc, a multi-million dollar software solutions company. His goal is to bring the same energy, enthusiasm and problem solving ability he uses in his everyday life, to our Parkland school board

With his volunteer efforts as the local board member for American Cancer Society, Commissioner for GBSL soccer, Coach for Springhouse science team and as the Vice President at Allentown temple, Jay continues to give back to the community, he is both privileged to be part of, and hopes to represent.

Jay and his wife live in Fogelsville with their two kids that are part of the Parkland district. When not working or volunteering, he loves cooking, travelling and playing/watching all sports (especially football & tennis).

Jay believes that no boundaries should limit our students from achieving excellence. He aims to work hard for the progress of our schools, children and the entire education system. Jay knows that "we have always done it this way" is one of the most unhelpful phrases in English. He knows that he can bring some fresh new ideas to our board.

As professor Deming once explained, true change always comes from people outside the system. Because choices matter, Vote for positive change, Vote for Jay Rohatgi.

Views and Vision

Our children will decide the future of our country and providing them with the best education possible is the least we can do to help them on their path to greatness. Have you ever felt that your suggestions towards important school issues like redistricting are not being considered? Have you felt that information is shared late? As a parent of two kids ages 11 and 14 in the district, Jay felt so. He wants to get elected to the board to get the collective voices of all the parents heard. That collective voice can truly make a positive difference towards better education for our kids. His plan for parkland is based on four pillars:

  • Having an open door policy for parents's suggestions.

  • Improving college preparedness through alumni and local business leader mentorship.

  • Better fiscal responsibility by using technology alternatives, thereby keeping property taxes in check.

  • Uplifting Parkland's state rankings via micro-targeted education programs that help our kids while preserving property values at the same time.

  • Every single child in Parkland should have access to quality education and good learning environment. I have often wondered, “Is the system providing the best possible education to our kids?” In my mind the answer has always been, "I know we can do better". Currently it seems to me that the solutions to improve the system can just get lost in the waves of politics. My concern is not about winning a seat in the school board, but about creating an environment that is ideal for our kids, parents, teachers and administrators.

    As professor Deming once explained, true change always comes from people outside the system. Because choices matter, Vote for positive change, Vote for Jay Rohatgi.

    Volunteer Positions

    American Cancer Society

    Local Board Member

    Springhouse Middle School

    Coach, Science Olympiad Team

    GBSL Soccer


    Hindu Temple Society

    Vice President

    Executive Profile


    Master in Computer Applications

    Bachelor of Computer Science