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Jay is proud of these endorsements from a bi-partisan group of fellow community volunteers!

"...I appreciate the time and effort Jay has put into understanding the issues facing our district as well as his dedication to our community. What impresses me the most is Jay's passions for volunteering and desire to do more. Please take the time to learn more about Jay, and vote for him ..."

-Marie Maritch
Former Parkland School Board Director

"I met Jay Rohatgi through my activism for smart growth. I was originally impressed with his strong desire to be an effectual Zoning Hearing board member. over time, I have seen his deep commitment to civic stewardship and volunteerism. His professional management experience and sincere desire to serve the community makes him an excellent addition to the Parkland School Board. I am voting for Jay and would encourage other Parkland residents to do so as well."

-Sunny Ghai
Candidate-Upper Macungie Township Supervisor, Chairman-Upper Macungie Township Good Neighbor Coalition, Former Upper Macungie Planning Commission Member

"I first met Jay Rohatgi when our children played sports together for the South Parkland youth organization. Upon getting to know Jay, it became apparent that he had a passion for volunteerism and the well being of children within the Parkland School District. This commitment to the children and community, combined with Jay’s professional management experience, makes him an ideal candidate for Parkland School Board Director.

-Chris Tripp
South Parkland Youth Association(SPYA) Coach, Parkland community volunteer

" I am very much in support of Jay’s bid to become a member of the Parkland School Board, as I sincerely feel he has the passion and true intent to serve our community in this capacity. When Jay first became interested several years ago, he approached current board members to get better informed about the responsibilities. He had already been volunteering on several committees, but took that extra step to join our Community Advisory Committee and Education Foundation board as well. Jay has also been consistently attending school board and committee meetings over the past few years, which has advanced his learning curve tremendously. His creation of the Parkland Parents Online Forum demonstrates a willingness to listen and take action when community support is needed."

-Lisa Roth
Parkland School Board Director, Past President

"I have known Jay for several years. We met when our boys were on the same baseball team. Jay came to the games ready to cheer. His unwavering support of the team was refreshing. He was always there with a smile. As I got to know him, I found that he and I shared a heart for volunteering and doing our part for the community that our children are members of. When asked, Jay was always ready to help out at the various PTO functions without hesitation. He is someone you can depend on. He is ALWAYS willing to do his part to better his community, in this case, the Parkland School District. I really got to see his passion for education when his son and my son decided to team up for the National History Day. Jay was ready to do what it took to help the boys excel, even a road trip to our nation’s capital. There is something refreshing about Jay. He’s definitively not your “run of the mill” politician or a member of the “this is how it’s always been done” club. He will bring a fresh and new set of ideas to the table and help usher the Parkland School District in an exciting new future. Most importantly, Jay is relevant. His children are students of the PSD. He knows first hand what our children need because he sees it through their eyes. As a member of the PSD Board, Jay’s ideas and votes, will be student-focused because he IS a PSD parent."

-Lelani Pettine
Parkland School Volunteer & President - SMSP Board

"...Jay Rohatgi has my full-hearted endorsement. While Jay started out as an opponent of mine in 2019, we soon became friends. Jay has the level headedness that is required to serve as a school board director. He is passionate about giving back to the community and respectful within his responses to concerned parents. What impressed me the most is his willingness to continue serving despite facing defeat. I was proud to see that Jay became a member of the Parkland Education Foundation Board and helped raise money for the Parkland Cares Food Pantry. It would be an honor to call Jay a colleague..."

-Patrick H Foose
Parkland School Board Director

"I strongly support Jay Rohatgi, candidate for Parkland School Board Director. I met Jay in 2017 and was immediately impressed with his passion, dedication, and personality. Jay is thoughtful in his approach to problem-solving, which is an absolute necessity when working as a team of ten on the board. Jay understands the importance of preparing students for the future and working with the community to promote the success, health, and education of our students. Jay’s dedication, knowledge, and positivity are unmatched. He represents Parkland well and will continue to do so as a Parkland School Board Director."

-Marisa Ziegler
Parkland School Board Director, Public School educator for 14 years

"I have known Jay through his involvement in the community over the past several years, he wears many hats - board member of Parkland Education Foundation, coach of Springhouse Middle School’s science team, provides toastmaster training to youth, Vice President of Hindu Temple Society and has recently participated in several COVID initiatives, all of which demonstrate that he cares for the community he lives in. In his professional life he is a successful business leader, with skills and expertise in problem solving. I believe he will be a great addition to the parkland school board, where he could successfully use both his professional and community service background."

-Nitin Laud
Parkland Community Volunteer

"... I recognize the skills he brings to our district. He has a clear, rational, and logical thought process. Jay understands the nuances and complexities of issues facing us in education. His concern for the safety and security of our children, along with their education needs and our community's desire for fiscal responsibility will serve the Parkland School District well. I look forward to Jay's input and leadership on the Parkland School Board"

-Rob Cohen
Parkland School Board Director for 24 years