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Our children will decide the future of our country and providing them with the best education possible is the least we can do to help them on their path to greatness. Parkland school district is lucky to have an adminstration and board that believes the same. Jay wants to get elected to the board for his kids, to volunteer and give time to community, make a positive difference and get the collective voices of everyone heard. That collective voice can truly make a positive difference towards better education for our kids. His plan for Parkland is based on four pillars:

Getting Parents' voices heard

Collective ideas of the parents can bring a positive change to our community and to our school district

As a School Board Member, I will:

  1. Have an open door policy to get parents' voices heard. Survey parents on how they feel on an idea, before any major board vote.

  2. Work with parents, administrators & teachers to solve the rampant vaping/juuling crisis.

  3. Improve safety in our schools by investing in public safety officials and mental health professionals.

  4. Work on educating our kids on challenges of online privacy issues.

Improving Preparedness For Life After School

Our kids can learn so much from Parkland alumni and local business leaders about how to prepare for college and have practical experience in their domain of choice

As a School Board Member, I will aim to:

  1. Start a virtual alumni mentorship program for all high school kids.

  2. Work with local colleges and universities to provide admission guidance.

  3. Work with local business leaders and professionals to create an apprenticeship program.

  4. Start a volunteer parent council which will assist the guidance office at high school level towards above programs.

Better Fiscal Responsibility

We can't just keep riasing taxes indefintely, there has to be accountability towards the money we spend today. We need to use our limited resources wisely

As a School Board Member, I will:

  1. Work hard to ensure we manage the threat that cyber charter schools pose to budgets in our district

  2. Make sure we use technology solutions to make education better while still keeping our taxes in check.

  3. Work with parkland alumni and local business leaders to help with mentorship opportunities for our kids that make them better prepared for life.

  4. Work tirelessly on uplifiting Parkland's state education rankings thereby not just helping our kids education but also preserving our property values.

Uplifting District's State Rankings has our high school rating as a 7/10. This has an significant effect on the biggest investment that most people have, their property values. We have a good school district but we can't rest on our laurels. Striving to improve should always be on the agenda

As a School Board Member, I will aim to:

  1. Ensure proper resource allocation towards our three pillars of academics, athletics, and arts.

  2. Run micro-targeted education programs to address districts' problem areas.

  3. Create district wide tutoring system to help struggling students.

  4. Develop student leadership programs that enables our kids to learn accountability and responsibility.