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Custom Application Development

In today’s world your mobile presence is vital and can expand your reach among your target audience. Whether you have web portal that you want to be made mobile friendly, an e-commerce site that has to be transformed into a native app, an idea you believe could become the next big thing or porting an existing mobile application to another platform – our mobile practice can help you make it happen. Our strong UI/UX design capabilities along with the

spectrum of technologies and platforms we work on – be it iOS, Android, Windows, HTML5, Fiori - enable us to carry out mobile application development to a wide range of industries and sectors. We offer a range of services that include:

App development

  • App re-engineering and modernization
  • App consultation
  • Integration and migration from Legacy systems​
  • App support and maintenance
  • App verification and validation

  • Enterprise Solutions

    Enterprise Mobility Solutions can make your employees more productive and collaborative. No matter where they are, no matter which device they're on you can give them secure remote access to your applications, data and communications. Our deep understanding of the technologies and assorted pool of mobility experts can help your organization’s transition to new technologies. We can help you with

  • Process Automation
  • Field-force Productivity
  • Enterprise collaboration
  • Dashboard for insight and actions
  • Consumer Applications-Commerce, Engagement, Service.

  • Mobile Optimized Website

    Today’s world is on mobile and is demanding the organizations to switch to mobile optimized versions of their websites. A Mobile optimized website will ensure that everything is displayed optimally on the mobile devices and the visitors get the feel of existing website. Our expertise can help you augment the look of your website, giving ease for visitors to find the way and use the website. This will raise the bounce rates and website conversions along with better User Experience, engagement and portability. We have expertise in Mobile Optimized websites using

    the latest technologies and frameworks like HTML5, CSS6 and jQuery Mobile. We provide optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices: Mobile, Tablets or Desktops.

    Cross Platform Solutions

    With many mobile OS platforms in today’s world, it is very time consuming and high cost-involving affair to develop an Application for all the OS platforms. Opting for a cross-platform development can be a smart and cost effective choice in such a case. With Cross-platform development we can develop Applications for multiple mobile platforms with same code and with minimal amount of changes. It appraise the stakeholders’ needs by launching Application on all OS platforms. It helps stakeholders save on initial investment and reducing development cost and time at the same time and providing them with early feedback.

    We have skilled developers who are proficient in following tools and help you develop a cross platform solution for your need:

  • PhoneGap
  • Appcelerator

  • Mobility Strategy Engagement

    Mobility has become a norm, not an exception. Enterprises that are able to harness mobility can create entirely new ways of delivering products and services– and add to business value with business partners and customers. We can help you defining your mobile vision and our business drivers will lead you and your team to many innovative app ideas. . It is important to define what you are trying to achieve with mobile, do not begin implementing your Mobile plan without thinking about desired business outcomes like, Targeting mobility to increase revenue,

    Shortening my sales cycles; Enhancing and improving the customer experience, Targeting increase in your employee’s productive.
    We help to define following for your Mobility:

  • Policies
  • Objectives
  • Scope and Business Requirement
  • Best suited Technology
  • Development and Deployment
  • Measurement

  • App Marketing

    Building a great App isn’t enough! With millions of Apps that are vying user's attention, standing out in the boundless sea of available apps is becoming increasingly difficult.
    Marketing begins the day you put your mobile app idea into production. While a media push can drive excitement around your app and spur downloads, the effects are far from lasting. Given the uncertain nature of relying on an outside force to push your app to success, you need to do everything within your own control to help your app’s chances.

    We assist you to strategically market the app and integrate with the existing analytical tools or create custom tool, which can help analyze and improvise the app. We have skilled developers who are proficient in following tools and help you develop a cross platform solution for your need:


    Does your business employ road warriors that still need valuable insights to drive the success of your business? If the answer is Yes, you quickly realize that the reports, analysis and metrics that are most important on the road are not the same as what you need when you are in an office on a laptop. Having the same charts and insights that could be so valuable on a bigger screen are unusable on a mobile phone or a tablet, yet so many companies short change their employees by extending the same analysis to be used across any device. We at Appsimity

    recommend the right tool for the right job. Use our m-Reporting services to create dashboards that not only look good and readable on those small screens but also are more functional based on “in-the-moment” or contextual need of the user. Rather than creating any vanilla off the shelf reports, we will do a full business analysis of what the user actually needs on their finger-tips and utilize your valuable resources to provide maximum return on investment.

    Strategy Engagement

    If you have looked at breaking into a new software product domain you realize that while ideas are a dime and a dozen, the execution of the idea from inception to market is not any easy journey. Let us help you make your path easier. We have Pragmatic MarketingTM certified personnel who use this leading product management and marketing strategy to help you determine the market and the segments. We can assist on the strategy side of the spectrum by creating qualitative and quantitative market analysis, competitive analysis, business and

    strategic alignment plans and doing a technology assessment. We then take the baked idea through its paces by creating roadmaps, build/buy/partner decision analysis and envisioning use case scenarios. We even help you then bring the product to life and make it reach its full business potential using tools like buyer and user personas, collateral analysis and marketing plans through the full customer lifecycle of awareness, consideration, evaluation, conversion and loyalty.
    If you are startup that has the next million dollar idea or an established business looking to build a new software product for the enterprise, let our experts achieve your goals with our strategic Engagement services.