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Systems Applications and Products (SAP) for data processing is used as an Enterprise Resource Planning tool. With SAP, we develop enterprise solutions that can help you manage all your business finance and statistics. Sit back and manage your business on your desktop. SAP being the fourth largest software company in the world, is specialized by a few solution providers. The seasoned SAP developers at Appsimity Solutions let you perform all your enterprise planning without much effort. From logistics to distribution, we provide all the support for the business expansion in the enterprise solutions.

SAP has been evolving and has released many versions of the software. Appsimity Solutions’ SAP experts are specialized in the following SAP platform products:

SAP Fiori

SAP Fiori makes all the complexities look utterly simple as it takes the user experience at an entirely new level. Without any doubt, the business arena is always full of hustle and in such environment no complex tools can work because nobody has time to explore all the functionalities in order to learn it. SAP Fiori provides intuitive business applications which at a glance are understood by the users. Moreover, it is responsive and hence can be accessed on any of the devices. In a crux, SAP Fiori can be beneficial for your business application because:

  • Responsive and personalized UX design
  • Easy input methods to feed in the information
  • Management of daily tasks
  • Minimal training is required for users to learn it
  • Can be extended to SAP Fiori apps


    SAP HANA provides the in-memory, column-oriented, database management analyzing the big data of your organization. View and manage the real-time insights of the business growth. This is very important part in the strategic management of an enterprise. Management of analytics is done because of the fact that it is supported by OLAP (online analytical processing) and OLTP online transaction processing. It also provides the ability to perform in-depth analysis by integrating it to the data sources.

    SAP UI5

    SAP UI5 gives you user the experience like never before. JavaScript and HTML5 based applications can run fast if integrated with SAP UI5. The performance is at its best with SAP UI5. Apparently, it is open-source which is why there is not much cost involved in it. But, free always comes with a cost that you have to pay later. Appsimity Solutions team will guide you with the best tool and technology to go with. We understand that your business cannot afford risks that can affect drastically.

    Therefore, with the experienced SAP developers let us help you improve the performance of your organization. Even if you seek advice for a better ERP solution, our team would consult and provide you with the best possible solution.