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Smart City has been a very important project that Appsimity Solutions has worked on. As an initiative for the better and smart society, Smart City is one of the most challenging and interesting projects we have done so far. This project included a complete web portal for the citizens and an admin portal. The course of the project also had development of the citizen mobile application.

Initially we aimed to solve the following key problems via the Smart City Portal:

  • Real-time Parking solutions
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Emergency alerts in the city
  • Events in the city
  • Online Pay
  • Ment Services
  • Smart Maps


  • PayPal Integration: The team had to suffer delays in the development because of the PayPal Integration. But with the co-ordination of PayPal team we were able to integrate the e-wallet in the Smart City portal successfully. The basic lesson learnt here was to communicate to the service provider before starting the project so that we do not have to face any delays in the process.

  • Google Map Routing and Instructions: Though Google Maps is quite simple to integrate and our team had done it on various platforms, the client demands in Smart City project were different. Showing the location of a specific area was first and then they wanted to include the instructions to reach the destination. Initially it was not in the scope but the PHP developer performed the task really well with the support of other team members.

  • Integrating other interfaces: This was yet another challenge where we were dependent upon the other portals for parking and wi-fi services. There was a mismatch between the portals frequently. Despite the entire how’s and what’s we were able to accomplish the Parking and Wi-Fi portal integration into our portal.

  • Shifting the server: All the files were shifted from our local server to their server. The team travelled to the concerned city and did the needful. There were many crashes that the developers faced because of other APIs provided by different service providers. The hard work eventually paid off and the solution won the show.

  • Smart City is one such project that has formed the backbone of the company. Not only the company has grown but the team has learnt a lot. The right kind of exposure has strengthened the team. With all the hard work, this project gave us the long term clients who have given us projects in a row.