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With the technology spreading its wings all around, it is the era of smart world where we can imagine the possibility of anything and everything. The world is becoming automated and smart. A ‘Smart City’ typically means the amalgamation of Internet of Things (IoT) and several IT systems to make things smarter.

Taking the Narendra Modi’s initiative forward, we at Appsimity by leveraging on IoT (Internet of Things) and latest technological developments have already paved a way to bring smart transformation in the way we live. For smart services such as - Wi-Fi, smart parking, smart event management, smart locators and many more. The citizens can make themselves aware about each and every detail of what is happening around through a single portal. Above all, the main advantage of SMART CITY is that natural resources do not go waste yet the quality of life is improved.


Citizens do not need to remember addresses of hotels, cafés, ATMs or any other visiting place. All they need to do is search it on the smart maps and locate the preferred location. They can also choose between different routes to reach a final destination. On the basis of their traffic status, they can choose alternate routes to reach out at a particular place.

This would save a lot of time and money and also improvement in everyday lifestyle would enhance lives of many people. Thus, you can search out any location intelligently and efficiently whether it’s for locating a home, restaurant, gymnasium or any other place you wish to visit. This is how; we enrich the city for businesses, visitors and residents of India.


The smart concept of Wi-Fi gives citizens the flexibility to access the Internet over laptops, Smartphones, tablets or other devices within the Wi-Fi range. Soon, the power of this technology would be evident in smart resource allocation, better public services and wider connectivity. Anyone can choose this service between free and premium plans available at website.

The provision of Wi-Fi to cities as well as towns would make citizens much smarter. Sooner, everyone will hold the gateway to free Internet access. Free Wi-Fi is indeed one of the biggest features of smart cities and that play a vital role because of its ability to give an access to information to all citizens.


Parking can never be this convenient and easier for citizens of Indian spread across. Now, with the implementation of smart parking mechanism, citizens do not have to wait in long queues to book a parking. There will be proper systems which would alert drivers of the free parking slot. They can secure a parking slot online by adding current location and destination in the fields which ensures security. This way, one can park their vehicles without any unnecessary hassle of congestion.

One can select parking plans as per their comfort and budget requirements. So, citizens will no longer waste their time looking for a place to park and simultaneously the area will be less polluted. Now, it’s easy to manage your on-street and off-street parking cost-effectively and efficiently. A stress-free parking experience is tailored to meet your requirements. You can use your space more productively as technology makes management more conducive for you.

For Appsimity Solutions, the possibilities are endless since we believe in utilizing the modern technological platforms and implementing the smart solutions to bring about fantastic positive results. In the very near future, all citizens will be travelling through smart cities and eventually discovering the much smarter era which was once a mere imagination.

Solely driven by the Internet of Things, more and more smart solutions could be seen in urban areas. Smart cities will certainly attract a lot of investments as the focus shifted is more to connectivity and digitization. In the process of making things digital, we are not too far away from starting a new smart city journey. It’s time to give the cities an ‘IDENTITY’ they deserve. Let’s join hands and together we will lay a foundation for much smarter world.